Помогите написать коротенький текст 6-8 предложений на английском языке на тему "Моя комната"


Ответы и объяснения

I really like my room. She is very bright and spacious. It is a table with my school supplies, a beautiful reading lamp and a computer, closet with my clothes and my cozy bed. On the wall shelf with my books and disks favorite singers (or your favorite компьтерными games). Back in my room there are flowers on the windowsill (aquarium cell with попугайчиком (other birds, the hamster,), choose what you like). I love to care for my flowers (fish, birds, hamster etc)of my room as if alive, becomes happier and lighter.

When my friends come over, we're going in my room, listening to music, discuss the new movies, and tell different stories.

Before going to sleep, I like to listen to music or reading a book, lying in your comfortable and cozy bed, covered with a soft blanket.

I love my room!
My room is very large and spacious.It has a TV and a computer..The wallpaper in my room turquoise.Due to the fact that it has in her most frequently cleaned.More recently, bed room bought white.I love my room because in it there is a lot of space and it is very comfortable.-Моя комната очень большая и просторная.В ней есть телевизор и компьютер.Обои в моей комнате бирюзовые.Из-за того что она такая большая мне приходится в ней часто убираться.Совсем недавно в комнату купили белую кровать.Я люблю свою комнату, потому что в ней много места и она очень комфортная.