Составить рассказ,как ты побывал в России,какая погода была


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I've been in Russia already several times, but I guess every time something special happens. I came across a lot of kind and friendly people this time. Of course I've made some new contacts and had a great time sharing my experience with my family upon my road home. I tried national food, went sightseeing each day, moreover - I took a bunch of good photos for my friends to show them beauties of this country. I've visited Moscow and Snt.Petersburg. Those are the most crowded cities I've ever been to! No lies. But at the same time I felt like I am in the center of the world and unconsciously participate in the life of the thousand people. 
All I can tell you - I would be happy as no one to return back there. I loved Russia so much, word can't describe my enjoyment.

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