who's in your immediate family?
how do you get on with your family members?
what family cultural traditions are there in your country?
what is important in your family?
what does family mean to you?

написать сочинение (60-80 слов) по этим вопросам) помогите пожааааааалуйста


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There are four of us in my family: my mum, dad, my elder sister Ann and my younger brother Boris.
We get on with each other well.
There are some good family traditions in my family. We always see a New Year's Day in together. We celebrate our birthdays, and in summer we usually spend a month at the seaside.
It's very important to respect and understand each other. It's not less important to help each other.
Family is the main thing in my life. If I am in trouble, I  can always come to my family and I know for sure, that I'll get here a helping hand.