1.Do you like history?
2.What periods in the history of mankind do you find most interesting? At what time would you like to live?
3.What events in history changed the face of the world?
4.What people played a special role in history?
5.How do you see the future of our civilization?
6.What are the greatest problems the humanity faces at the moment? What can help to solve them?


Ответы и объяснения

1) I don*t like history very much.
2) To my mind, Ancient Egypt*s history is most interesting. I would like to live only at our time. 3) Many scientific discoveries and the progress of in engineering, technology of the XIX - XX-th centures  have changed the face of the world. 4) Such people as Lenin, Hitler, Peter the 1-st played a special role in history. 5) Our civilization will be more clever in the future: there will be very much technical devices. 6) The greatest problems of the modern humanity at is ecology.