Напмшите пожалуйста как вы проводите выходной день.Например я встаю в 9 часов.Потом завтракаю...Только всё на английском.Заранее спасиб!


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I usually get up at 7 a.m. but on Sunday I get up at 9 a.m.  I take a shower and at 9.30 I have my breakfast. At 10 o'clock my friends and I meet in the yard and have a fun till 13 p.m. Then I come home to have dinner with my family. Then I go for a walk with my friends again. If the weather is fine we play different games, go to the park or to the cinema. If the weather is bad we play computer games or watch TV and video films. Since 16 till 18 p.m. I usually do my homework for Monday. About 18.30 p.m. my family and I have supper together.  Then I read books, watch TV or  play with my brother. At 21.30 p.m. I take a shower and go to bed. Usually I sleep well.