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Diana (Diana, princess of Wales Diana, Princess of Wales, nee lady Diana Frances Spencer (Spenser)) (1 July 1961, Sandringham, Norfolk, August 31, 1997, Paris), former wife of the heir to the British throne Prince Charles, the mother of princes William and Harry. From an illustrious noble families. Diana's parents separated in 1975. The girl was educated in Switzerland and on his return to England, she worked as a teacher in a privileged kindergarten. She caught the attention of the Royal family, and it started a friendship with Prince Charles at once aroused interest of the press. Their wedding, held on 29 July 1981, in the Cathedral of St. Paul was extremely widely advertised. Every step of the young couple was under increased scrutiny from the media and the difficulties in relations with Prince Charles instantly became public knowledge. To save the marriage was impossible - divorce took place on August 28, 1996. Diana actively involved in charity, personally went to a lot of fatal cases in different countries of the world, led the company for animal protection against inhuman weapons. Mass information repeatedly called her "the most famous woman of the 20th century. The tragic and absurd death of Princess Diana in a car crash caused an unprecedented response in many countries, especially in the UK.