Помогите пожалуйста написать сочинение на английском, "как я провела это лето" не мениее 10 предложений, буду очень благодарна, заранее большое спасибо!!!


Ответы и объяснения

Here and started to fall, leaving the warm summer days behind. And now, sitting at their desks, we all remember how fun and interesting spent the summer. Having finished the next academic year at the end of may, I went to a village to the grandmother. I worked there, to help her in the household, caring for animals, mowed hay, watered the beds in the garden, caring for potatoes - and has done a lot of different things in addition to the above. And, of course, rested " swim with the village boys in the pond, fishing with my grandfather in the morning. Of course, the village life is very different from the city. There is even the air is different - fresh, clean. I persecuted the wonderful smells - hay, milk and other. And no restlessness of the human in the village was not. Naturally, the economic Affairs complicate village life, but I like it very much. And never get bored. Therefore, when the time came to go home, I was very sad, do not want to leave. In the village, I spent all of June and July.
I think summer is the best time of the year, because the heat around the very beautiful and we have a wonderful opportunity to relax. Summer is the time for holidays and vacations. We can go anywhere, to spend time near a river or a lake on fresh, green grass, swim in the warm water, or climb the mountains, or play different games, ride a bike.
I will tell you the most memorable moment of the last summer vacation. In July, my family went to the forest for a barbecue. Built a fire and cooked the meat for cooking, and put up the tent. While parents have been preparing dinner I went into the woods to work up an appetite
How beautiful was the forest in this day... In the air smelled of flowers, honey and wild strawberries. Everything was green, only tree trunks clearly defined on a dark green background .Birds  chirp in their own language, knocking woodpecker.
And suddenly I hear the sounds... As if someone whispered to me. I turned around and saw ...a snake! I held my breath. I don't remember how it looks, because it strongly got scared and started to slowly move backwards, and then rushed as quickly as possible to our camp. I didn't tell her about what happened to her mom that she would not have worried. Soon, lunch and повеселившись, we went home.
Oh...How time flies. It is a pity that you cannot re-create those moments ,those feelings that you have experienced during the holidays. But it is to believe that next summer will be just the same unforgettable!