Пожалуйсто помогите составить не большой рассказ о о осени её плюсы и минусы!!Пго англисски


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autumn великолептное time of the year!when not hot no холадно!but its drawback is that it always rains.блин дальше забыла прости я его немного знаю!
My name is (твое имя). I am (твой возраст). I study at school. I like to study English very much.
There are 4 seasons in a year and I like them all! Most of all I like autumn. I like autumn because it is always raining and I like rainy weather. I like when it is raining days and nights long.Yellow trees, bushes and grass are wonderful. I like autumn flowers. I like to pick mushrooms and berries in the forest. Sometimes I pick toadstools and throw them away! Because they are poisonous.
I like autumn because it is time to go to school. I have a lot of friends at school. And I like to study.Most of all I like to study English!

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In animals, birds, insects blood cools, movements become sluggish, drowsiness overcomes. Frog jumping from the shore into the water, dive to the bottom, hammered deep into the mire, in the mud. Snakes, lizards hide under roots, burrow into the warm moss.
Shoals of fish piled into a pool in the deep underwater wells. Flies, mosquitoes, beetles climbed into the gap, the wells of the cortex, in the cracks of walls.
Ants were scored all the inputs and outputs of its high housing-ant. They climbed into the depths of the nest, huddle there in the pile, surpassing both the warm.
And the butterflies don`t die in autumn, emerging from pupae in late summer. When the evenings and nights are cold, the butterflies seek shelter and hide themselves in them. If the sun warms the day, they crawl around for a while, and then the background of the autumn landscape their wings are brightly shining. But when the cold days are coming, butterflies do not go out of his hiding place and sleep until spring. They climb into the attic and burrow into the gap under the roof.
Every day, every night winged wanderers - the migratory birds hit the road. They fly slowly, with long pauses. It can be seen, they do not want to leave home.
It becomes hungry, hungry! The cold is not so terrible to the animals whose blood is hot - the beasts and birds. If only the food was: animal ate like a stove in his flooded, it became warmer. But with the cold and hunger comes. Over the summer, bear fat and work up falling asleep in the den until spring, and the wolf and fox legs feed: rabbit flashed across the clearing. They Wait. And now he is beating in the tenacious claws of a predator.
You must love and protect nature, to protect animals and birds, you are to feed them in winter.