помагите нужно 10-12 предложений the way to keep fitпожалуйста тем кто поможет очень коечто приятное сделаю


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Keeping fit is very important for every person. There is a proverb 'Health is the best wealth'. I totally agree with that. Many young people now are keen on healthy lifestyle. However, there are still some who drink alcohol and smoke, so the most obvious and effective way to keep fit is ato avoid bad habits. It is also vitally important to do sports and regulat physical exercises. There is a great variety of sports and you can easily choose the one you enjoy the most. Sleeping is also a part of being healthy. One more great advice is to walk and cycle as much as possible instead of tfavelling by car or public transport. You definitely have to avoid junk food to have a good health. And according to what scientists say, being optimistic also makes you live longer.