Помогите) мне надо сочинение про семью на английском из 100 слов

А сколько вас человек в семье?

Ответы и объяснения

I love all of my family. But the most favorite person in the family - my
Mom. My mom is the most beautiful and kind. I love my mother , because she is very tasty
prepares and helps me with everything . Mom, I tell all my secrets .
My favorite holiday of the family - it's the New Year. I love him for what he
very cheerful and bright. New Year's Eve as a family we 're having fun . We sing songs ,
dance , participate in competitions , organize a win-win lottery , give each
other gifts . And when we go to bed , we were Santa Claus comes and brings
me presents . My house is at least a small , but very cozy. It is always clean and bright.
I love him very much . I'm very good at it . Now we got a two-
apartment. Now I will have my own room . I want it to be warm
and the most beautiful. I myself will watch it for the order.
While I do not intend to marry . But I want to make my family was close-knit ,
to all respected each other and loved. I want to be in my family had a dog
and a cat. Our family - a father , mother , me, my grandmother and grandfather . True grandmother and
grandfather did not live with us. But we often go to each other's homes . In our family,
everyone has a favorite occupation. Mom likes to read books, do crossword puzzles .
My dad likes to have a car. Sometimes Dad loves delicious pancakes
and cakes with cabbage . Together we love to watch TV, read a book. In the summer
we are driving together to the country. There we relax , have fun . During the summer
holiday we love to travel by car. We often went to Minsk to my
aunt and Soligorsk to my second grandmother. By car, we went to the Crimea and the lake
Narach . Together, we love to go to the forest. In the summer we gather berries in the forest ,
autumn - mushrooms , and winter walking, skiing and sledding . We love together
play sports. With my Dad I play football with my mother - in badminton
with Grandpa I love to play checkers and chess. Together with his father and mother we go
in the pool and ice rink . Our family is very united . I love my family.