Написать письмо другу. Рассказать ему о том,как я(любой персонаж) провожу летние каникулы И задать 3 вопроса о популярных видах спорта в его стране (Америка) 100-140 слов, заранее спасибо)


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Hi, my dear friend!
i am having great holidays with my family. I am in England today. I like this country very much. Because there are a lot of kind people. There are a lot of beautiful sights. 
Yesterday I was sightseeing. Today I am walking in Oxford. I want to study in Oxford when I will be more older. Tomorrow I am doing to the equestrian sport (конный спорт) equestrian sport is very popular in England. And what kind of sport is popular in your country? Do you like this sport? Have you ever been at a match of this sport ?
see you next weekend!