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This summer,like usually , i was doing nothing. I woke up at 2 pm, and then i played the computer. Sometimes,i also went out,to make a little bike trip around my district,and to give my eyes small break,because they were always tired of the computer games. Also i went to (Название какого-нибудь другого города),where i had time with my friends. We were walking and chatting whole day along. At the middle of the summer i went to the summer camp,where i spent three(или сколько там у вас в Украине смена)weeks. I met a lot of new friends there. That was the best period of my summer,but i really missed computer games. When i went back to (название твоего города) i have started playing computer games again, but i went out a bit more often,than before the camp. At the end of my summer i had to do my summer task. It as the real torture,when everybody walk,but i have to sit at home and remember fully forgotten theory,and write as much as possible. Finaly tasks were  finished, but the first of september came.
Вот так, кроме игр и лагеря больше ничего на ум не пришло. Извини за русский,украинского не знаю. За лето мог немного забыть грамматику,так что просмотри там все.