Написать 10 предложений с любыми словосочетаниями: try/take my/ your chance, be in luck, win the prize, teat my/ your chance, it is worth trying, is is interesting to win something for nothing, have no chance, is is a chance in a million, too many participants, be out of luck, it is boring, hate losing, cant use the internet, waste of time, in my opinion, as for me, i believe. Можно меньше 10)


Ответы и объяснения

1) I'm sure our group will win the prize at festival of rock music tomorrow.
2) I failed my exam because I'm out of luck.
3) Life without books is boring.
4) I believe I can learn to make nice bracelets.
5) The link is damaged that's why I can't use the Internet.
6) In my opinion most of people love nature.
7) As for me I never buy new clothes if I'm not sure in their high quality.
8) Peter hates losing he want to be the best.
9) It is a chance in a million to become a popular singer.
10) It is worth trying to make this exclusive meal for her birthday.