Put the verb in brackets into the Present Indefinite and the Future Indefinite
a.1. When he (call) I (give) him a piece of my mind. 2.I (be) at home if you (need) anything. 3.They (be) in the gallery if you (decide) to speak to them. 4. If they (want) your advice, they (get) in touch with you. 5. If you (have) anything to report, put it in writing and send it to me.
b.1.I (write) you about it when I (have) time. 2. He (wait) until they (send) for him.3. He (be) all right when this (be) over. 4. I'd like to ask you a few more question before you (go).
c.1.I (not know) when they (come) to see us. 2. Ask him if he (stay) for dinner.3.I (wonder) if we over (see) each other again.4. I (be) not sure if they (be) in time.5. He cant tell us when the motor (start).


Ответы и объяснения

1. call, i'll
2. i'll be, need
3.They'll be, decide
4. want, they'll get