Помогите перевести большой текст про вселенную (Теория большого взрыва) НУжно дословно помогите пожалуйста )) Пишите кто сможет помочь..

The clumps of matter around our own star,the sun,became planets.some planets were large enough and had enough gravity to attract matter that became moons or satellites.In 1927,the Belgian priest george Lemantre was the first to assume that the universe began with the explosion began with the explosion of a primeavl atom.Years later,edwin Hublble found experimental evidence that helped to justify Lemantres theory.
He made observations and stated thath distant galaxies are going away from us in every direction at a speed proportional to heir distance from the centre of te universe.
Since the big bang the universe has been continuously expanding and thus the distance between clusters of galaxies has become much bigger than it was before .This phenomenon is known as the red shift.The stars galaxies were much closer to each other in the past than they are at present and they are corrently moving rapidly away from each other.At the same time the matter inside the galaxies continues to race away from the area where the big bang had occurred.
Thus it has been stated that at present all the galaxies are speeding away from the centre of the universe.The big bang theory also predicts the existence of cosmic background radiation(the glow left after the explosion itself).In 1964 this radiation was discovered by arno penzias and robert wilson who later won the nobel prize for this discovery .Although the big bang theory has been widely accepted it will probably never be proved and thus it leaves a number of tough unanswered questions. ВСё
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Теория большого взрыва является общепринятой научной теорией происхождения и эволюции земного шара. согласно этой теории вселенная была создана около 10 миллиардов лет назад после космического взрыва, который разбросал все по разным направлениям
астрономы считают что когда-то вся энергия во вселенной была сосредоточена в одном месте. это место было невероятно раскаленным. затем произошел большой и сильный взрыв. он разбросал всю энергию в разных направлениях. после большого взрыва, сила тяготения начала влиять на вопрос места . гравитация сделала дело в образовании галактик, звезд и т д