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Swedish climate is rather similar to climate of baltic states and russian north-west, only after the polar circle it becomes colder. In southern(Stokholm, Malmö) sweden,climate is mild but not temperate(because of the sea), so the wheather is extremely changeble. In summer it can be one day of hot, dry wheather,and another can be windy and rainy. Fall(autumn если пишешь по-британски) is more stable. Most days of September are sunny, but windy. Winter is also changeble, mostly it's 10-15 degrees in celcius(фаренгейт не буду вычислять), but in January in can be -20C, so Christmas is celebrated with traditional in all europeen countries snowman. If we tell about northern Sweden, wheather there is'nt changeble as in the south, winters are cold and snowy,and summers aren't hot, aproximately +7-10C.  So every Swedish tries to travel to the southern countries at their summer vacation, to recieve warmth,for the second part of year.  Ну вот как то так)))