Пожалуйста помогите!Это очень срочно!Нам задали написать сочинение по английском языку '' Мое лето в Лондоне ''ПОМОГИТЕ


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My Holidays in EnglandAfter a hard school year every pupil has summer holidays. It means that you may sleep all day and then spend your day with your friends or you may visit different countries with your family or with your classmates.Last summer my family and I decided to go to England. I was so happy because England is one of my favourite countries and I have always wanted to visit it. So my dream came true.We were sitting in the airport when we heard a woman’s voice saying that our flight was ready to depart. I was very excited. So after several hours of flight we arrived at Manchester Airport. There I saw how polite the British are. Soonwe came to our friend’s house which was situated in a small town Bolton, not far from Manchester. The weather was cloudy but it wasn’t cold there.On our first day we went to London. The way to London was very long because we went by bus instead of train. So it took us 5 hours to get there.London is a beautiful and wonderful city full of attractions. We were walking through St James Park and soon we came to a big observation wheel which is called London Eye. When we reached the top of the wheel I was able to see almost all the centre of London. The view was fantastic and I was so impressed that I thought I would never forget it. I could see The Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, different bridges and other beautiful buildings. Afterwards we went to Madam Tussaud’s Museum. The most interesting thing is that we went on foot from London Eye to the Museum! We didn`t expect that we should go some kilometres through the central part of London. On the way we saw many oldand beautiful buildings. We were so tired but happy when we found it. There were a lot of wax figures of different celebrities. Wax figures are very realistic, they impressed me greatly. We took some photos with them. Then we returned to the bus station and five hours later we were already at home.Every evening my brother, our new English friends and I played pool. I never won, because I had never played this game before. But I think I will continue my practice in playing pool and one day I will become the winner. We also played card games and I learned a lot of new ones.The day after visiting London we went to the Pleasure Beach. It is an amusement park in Blackpool. We rode rollercoaster and it was so funny! We spent all day long in the park, but time flew so quickly that it seemed that only one hour had passed. When we come home we were very tired.Some days later we went to the Lake District. We lived in a small house in Keswick. Keswick is a beautiful town. In the central square there is a tower with a clock at the top. Along the main road there are a lot of different shops. We visited some of them. Windermere is the largest natural lake in England. And we went there. The weather was rainy and foggy, but it didn’t prevent us from having an excursion on a boat. After the excursion we fed royal swans. One of the swans had bitten mum by a finger when she tried to feed it. We enjoyed the beauty and the nature of the Lake District. Also we tasted a famous dish “Fish and Chips” in a small and cosy cafe. We came back to Bolton.So our trip came to an end. For two weeks I have been in love with England even stronger than before, that’s why it was sad to leave it. I decided that I will necessarily go there once again.I am glad that one of my dreams has come true. I saw England, learned a lot of new things about its culture and history and now I have new friends.