Раскройте скобки ставя глагол в нужном времени
1)They (to have) their english class in the morning yesterday, but normally they (to have) english classes in the afternoon.
2) The police (not to found) the criminal yet.
3) I already (to write) a letter to my friend.I think he (to get) it in a few days.
4) there was a little time left, but they (to drive) at the top speed and come to the airport in time.
5) Peter already (to pack) his things when Kity (to enter) the room. He (to pack) since morning


Ответы и объяснения

1) had, have
2) hasn't found
3) I have already written. He will get
5) Peter had already packed , kity entered. Ha was packing
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1. They had .... But normally they has
2. ... Has not found the criminal yet
3. I have already written a letter... He will get it
4. ... They drove at the top ...
5. Peter had already packed his things when Kitty entered the room. He had been packing since morning.