Помогите составить сочинение на тему лето это маленькая жизнь на английском.


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Summer - a wonderful time in which is hidden a lot of highlights , experiences and emotions. The longest vacation trip to the sea or to the grandmother in the village, swimming, hiking in the woods , playing outdoors , collection of fragrant berries - these are just a small part of the summer.
Summer - a wonderful time of year, with it people are always associated with the most vivid memories . I am no exception . This summer I visited for the first time in the Black Sea ! It was much nicer and bigger than I imagined it . The weather was lucky - all of ten days it was hot and it was possible to swim and sunbathe. Sea water is very special - it is warm and salty taste. In Anapa , where we rested , I first visited the dolphinarium "Nemo ." I loved the performances of dolphins. And I even thought that dolphins are not trained , and that they all performances are just playing with his coach and enjoy it . Now I love dolphins and start collecting small figurines and statuettes of these mammals .
But have you ever wondered , what smells like summer? While vacationing in Anapa , I realized that it smells salty sea , delicious berries and fruits, fresh green grass, bright flowers , fresh milk and honey. These odors are in the air in the summer . Perhaps the people who are unable to see it by the smell will know that summer really arrived. But summer is not only smell but also the color . Green forests and groves , the blue expanse of the sea , the clear blue sky with white clouds , colorful carpet of forest and garden flowers , white sand beaches, chocolate tan - all the colors of summer . Summer would not be summer if he did not have a sound . This is the sound of the surf , the hum of bees collecting honey, grasshoppers and crickets chirping , frogs croaking at night , thunder. All this I knew when resting on the sea.
That's how I spent my summer vacation. I hope that next year I 'll go back to the sea and I can enjoy it with all the colors of the summer , because the summer - it's a little life !