Надо написать другу или кому точно не знаю ... ответное письмо,он пишет: At school we are doing projects on howard foreign friends spend their summer holidays/can you te me about your best summer ? where do you like to spend it? do you prefer to stay at your native town or totravel?and why
в письме нужно
write aletter to sam
In your letter
-teii him about your summer holidays
-ask 3 guestions about his sc hool
100-140 слов помогите плз я в языке дерево.


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  • hoop
  • хорошист
Summer has begun sad. Mom at work, and I'm alone. Reading books, playing computer. Fortunately, not all the friends parted. Pauline invited me to the country. There has been a lot of fun. We rode bicycles. On the street we found a stray kitten. We took care of them, feed them. Before our eyes, kittens have grown up and become independent.At the weekend I went with my mother to the country. There I helped the plants - watering them, cleaning the weeds. We have emerged in the country hedgehog. I always left it on the saucer pieces of meat, so he did not die of hunger.In August, I was on the Sea of ​​Azov. It is very warm. I saw a bevy of fish in the rocks, screaming gulls, which we fed from the boat. Once we went through 10 dnel home so I went to school to learn hotelosby me to stay on the sea because it was fun but you can not drop out of school is not the future we went budet.I arrived by sea vstreteli us and I told him about my journey. The next day I bought all the appliances and the next day she went to school and raskazala all about my journey.