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Make questions with you from the sentences.
1.I was born in Almaty in 1991. (When?)
2.I live in Astana.(Where?)
3.I've got three cousins/ (How many?)
4.I'm studying English because it's an international language. (Why?)
5.I've been to Russia and Turkey. (Which countries?)
6.I was playing computer games at 5 o'clock yesterday. (What?)
7.She is going to visit her grandparents on holiday. (What?)
8.We're watching TV tonight. (What?)


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1. When was I born?
2. Where do I live?
3. How many cousins do I have?
4. Why do I study English?
5. Which countries have I been to?
6. What time was I playing computer games yesterday?
7. What is she going to do on holidays?
8. What are we doing tonight?