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4.Some or any?

2) Please get me some cold water.
3) Here's some fruit juice for you and some tea for your mother.
4) Please don't put any milk in my coffee.
5) There is some bread on the table but there aren't any sandwiches.

5. A lot of

2) I made a lot of mistakes in my homework.
3) We spent a lot of money yesterday.
4) I ate a lot of sweets at my sister's party.
5) She always puts a lot of oil on her salad.

3. Questions with any and short answers

2). Are there good films on TV tonight?
     Yes, there are
3) Is there water in the swimming pool?
    No, there isn't
4) Is there fruit on the table?
    No, there isn't
5) Is there money in my bag?
    No, there isn't

6. Some, any, a lot

2) a lot of
3) some
4) any
5) some
6) any
7) any
8) any
9) some
10) a lot of
11) a lot of
12) a lot of