Laying the telephone down on the desk,i (go) to the door and ( call) Amos.I
(go) back to the couch and (stretch) out as he (pick) up the phone.He (shoot) a peculiar look at me when he (hear) her voice.He (be) silent for a while,listening to her.When he (speak) again,he (smile).That's wonderful!When you (leave)? Soon i also (fly) to New York when this job (be finished).We (have) a celebration
then.Give me love to your daughter.He (put) down the telephone and (come) over to me.That (be) Monica,he (say),looking down at me.I (know), i (say).She (leave) for New York this afternoon.She
(take) her daughter back with her.You (not\see) the kid for a long time now,______
i_________________________________ "

"You ought to see her. The kid is
turning into a real beauty."


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Laying the telephone down on the desk,i went to  the door and called Amos.I
went back to the couch and stretched  out as he picked up the phone.He shot a peculiar look at me when he heard her voice.He was   silent for a while,listening to her.  When he spoke  again, he was smiling. That's wonderful! When are you leaving? Soon I will  also fly to New York when this job is finished. We will have a celebration
then. Give my  love to your daughter. He put  down the telephone and came over to me. That was  Monica, he said, looking down at me. I know, I said. She is leaving for New York this afternoon.She is taking her daughter back with her. You have not seen the kid for a long time now, have you? No, I haven't.