Напишите пожалуйста на английском соченение о моем лете
Примерно должно быть о том что ездила в 5 разных стран и о том что порвала с парням (да...для моей учительнице даже это важно)
Как можно больше строк. Срочно нужно!
Заранее спасибо :)


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This summer my family visited Alaska. This place is different from every other place in the world. It is difficult to describe. There you can see glaciers, mountains, and unique Native cultures. Lifelong Alaskans were amazed! We enjoyed our visit to Alaska. I hope we'll come to visit it again.Next our travel was to Egypt. It is a land of contrasts. It is ancient and modern, green and barren. There are a lot of different monuments and very interesting people. This country is  full of character, colour and fortitude. The sea was great. I liked it very much. But one day my friend called me and said that she saw my boyfriend with another girl. I was very upset. I didn’t want to do anything and I decided to break up with him. The next city we visited was New-York. It is the city which never sleeps and  the city of the skyscrapers. There are a lot of attractions in the state that a person can visit during his New York break. There you can visit a famous central park which is used in many Hollywood movies.  That was a fantastic city. It helped me to forget my boyfriend. Next place was Thailand . It  is between the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand. It is an exotic place. There we  relaxed on white sand beaches, hiked  through vast areas of tropical forest. We had a lot of  new experiences in sights, sounds, tastes, and outlook. It was great. The last our trip was to Galapagos Islands. It was great and interesting to see a wild life of this place. My summer holiday was great!