II. Put the verbs in brackets Into the correct voice and tense-forms. •

1. Don't let the boy stay out so long. He (to run about) for three hours, and may catch cold. 2. That young singer has had a very good training. He (to sing) for half an hour and never (to stop) for a moment's rest. 3. It is unfair of you to be cross with the man. He (to be) away for two weeks and you can't blame him for the few mistakes that (to make) during his absence (отсутствие). 4. Our reply (to send) to you as soon as all the dates (to fix) finally. Some of them (to consider) yet. 5. “I (not to see) Ann lately. What she (to do)?" “She just (to take) her finals and (to prepare) to go away for a holiday.” 6. “Why you (to wear) that strange-looking suit? You (to look) quite a sight in it!" “Why, I (to wear) it for a month and nobody (to say) a word all this time." 7. It’s no use calling for the docu ments now. They (to prepare) when I (to leave) the office, but I don’t think they (to be) ready yet. 8. There (to be) considerable changes, in this area in the last five years. The main part of it (to build up) already, and several new factories (to set up) now. In another three years it (to turn) into a large industrial area. 9. Jesse (to be unemployed — быть безработным) for five months when he (to manage) to get hired as a driver at a small factory. 10. The trav ellers (to walk) through the forest for several hours when they (to discover) that they (to lose) their way. 11. “Where is the new engineer?’’ “He (to take round) the factory. He already (to snow) the main shops (цеха), but he only (to go) over the whole factory by the end of the day.” 12. Last Sunday my friend and I decided to go fishing. When I got to my friend’s place at four in the morning, all his things (to pack) and last minute preparations (to make). My friend (to look) cross and (to say) he (to wait) for me for half an hour.


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1. has ben running
2. has been singing, has never stopped
3. has been, were made
4. will be sent, are fixed, haven't been considered
5. haven't seen, is doing, has just taken, is prepairing
6. are you wearing, look, have been wearing, said
7. had been prepared, left, are
8. have been, has been already built , are being set up, will be turned up,
9. had been unemployed, managed,
10. had been walking, discovered, had lost
11. is being taken, has already been shown, will have gone
12.  were packed, were being made, looked, said had been waiting