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Nina: I will be taking this exam tomorrow and I'm awfully nervous.
Andrew: Don't be nervous, you will be fine. You will please the examiners with your
English, I'm sure.
Nina: You are kidding, aren't you? They won't ask me many questions?
Andrew: No, I don't think so: just two or three.
Nina: Oh! And I will have to read a text and then translate it?
Andrew: Yes, that's one of the things everybody does.
Nina: And I will have to write anything?
Andrew: I think they will tell you to write some questions on the text.
Nina: I see. I hope I will have enough time to write the questions.
Andrew: Don't worry, they will give you at least half an hour to get ready.
Nina: I will look through my grammar books this afternoon and practice reading aloud.
Andrew: I hope you will not have to stay up late. You should rest well before the exam.
Nina: I will try to. Thanks for your time, Andy. See you.
Andrew: See you and the best of luck.
Nina: Thanks.
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