Сorreect the mistakes(present perfect continuous-simple)
1)i have looked for him all day.i cant find him.
2)he has trying to fix the car all morning.
3)i have buying lots of food this week
4)i not have brought any shampoo
5)it has been snowed.but its stopped now.
6)how long they have been cleaning the house
7)ive been knowing lillian for two years
8)have you cried.........your eyes are red


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1) I have been looking for him all day.I cant find him.
2) He has been trying to fix the car all morning.
3) I have bought lots of food this week
4) I have not brought any shampoo
5) It has been snowing, but its stopped now.
6) How long have they been cleaning the house?
7) I've known Lillian for two years
8) Have you been crying?.........your eyes are red