1.It was his ________ for selling the most tickets.

A. prize

B. tasks

C. news

2.Most of machines had _________ to earth.

A. expressed.

B. covered.

C. crashed.

3.Children often go round the streets raising money for ________.

A. offer

B. history.

C. charity

4.She can _________ her chances if she stops smoking.

A. phone

B. improve

C. depend

5.What is the _________ of the Forest Service?

A. danger

B. bucket

C. mascot

6.Our house had a bad __________ for our neighbourhood.

A. attract

B. treated

C. reputation

7.Who got most of the _________ ?

A. life

B. votes

C. people

8.Can you ___________ a child from a poor family?

A. pretend

B. look

C. sponsor

9.Do you know the ___________ of the Scouting movement?

A. cheaper

B. founder

C. fever

10.Is it polite to ________ people?

A. ignore

B. untie

C. appear


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