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2. This plant should be watered daily.
3. The garage ought to be painted by our neighbour.
4. These books have to be returned to the library.
2. The bill will be brought to us by the waither. We will be brought the bill by the waither.
3. He was presented with the media by The Queen. The media was presented to him by the Queen.
4. Some sweets were bought to Mary by her mother. Mary was bought some sweets.
5. A second-hand car has been sold to Ted by Bob. Ted has been sold a second-hand car by Bob.
6. A letter is going to be sent to Tom by Larry. Tom is going to sent a letter by Larry.
2. I was robbed by a pickpocket.
3. Your cigaretts must be extinguished.
4. A Parcel was sent to Mrs. Green by the mail-order company.
5. This shirt must be dry-cleaned.
6. You will be paid  within the next few days.
7. Your health can be improved  with more exercise.
8. The child is being chased.
2. The kitchen floor is going to be mopped.
3. A new barn is being built by the farmer.
4. Some letters have been given to Mrs Jones by the secretary.
5. He had already been  given a ticket for illegal parking by the traffic warden.
6. The law must be obeyed.
7. Our door had been broken  down.
8. He was chosen as the best actor of the year.