Вы ресторанный критик. Ваш журнал предложил вам оценить один из лучших ресторанов вашего города. Составьте рецензию на английском языке (положительную или отрицательную). Подумайте, о чем и как вы будете писать (не меньше 15-25 предложений). Решите пожалуйста


Ответы и объяснения


I visited one of the restaurants in our city today. I loved the cozy interior of this restaurant. А lot of indoor plants and paintings there. The wait staff was very nice. All orders are executed at the time. Customers are satisfied. The menu is quite varied. It is perfectly suitable for both vegetarians and people with ordinary tastes. Huge selection of different drinks is present in this restaurant. Here everyone can find something that they need. Cooks perfectly cope with the problem. The huge hall of the restaurant can accommodate about 300 people. You can stop by after work and break time for a snack or dinner here with your family. Overall, I really liked it here. I put this restaurant out of 10 marks out of 10.