Cоставить 18 предложений с временами глаголов англискогго языка


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1. He helps his father very often - Present Simple

2. We are drinking tea now - Present Continuous

3. I went to bed at ten o'clock yesterday - Past Simple

4. She will spend next summer in the country - Future Simple

5. I was doing homework the whole evening yesterday - Past Continuous

6. The pupils have already written a dictation - Present Perfect

7. Tom had returned from the cinema by five o'clock - Past Perfect

8. She has been watching TV since morning  - Present Perfect Continuous

9. I  shall have read the book by the end of the week - Future Perfect

10. He will be writing the composition the whole evening tomorrow - Future Continuous

11. I thought Henry would help us - Future-in -the- Past Simple

12. A baby had been sleeping for two hours when I came - Past Perfect Continuous

13. They will have been having supper for ten minutes when father comes from work - Future Perfect Continuous

14. He said that he would be sleeping at two o'clock the next day -  Future-in -the- Past Continuous

15. Mother said that she would have baked a pie by 7 o'clock the next day -  Future-in -the- Past Perfect

16. He said that he would have been painting the walls for two hours when I come -  Future-in -the- Past Perfect Continuous

17. She has been playing volleyball  for five years - Present Perfect Continuous

18. I am still cleaning the flat - Present Continuous






































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1. Has he  come yet?

2 They went to Moscow some days ago.

3. When I came he hadn't left yet, so we only had time for a few words.

4. We were discussing your plan yesterday at 10 o'clock.

5. The train leaves at 10.

6. Our teacher speaks many foreign languages.

7. Who speaks with you?

8. He plays tennis.

9. I was going home when we met'.

10. My son plays the piano.

11. They had already translated this text last lesson.

12. You did this exercise last week.

13. I don't writea dictation at the lesson.

14. It was raining when I went for a walk.

15. What were you doing there?

16. Ihave just written a test at the lesson.

17. Students were translating this text the whole lesson yesterday.

18. Has he  come yet?