Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в одном из следующих времен :Present Continuous,Present Simple,Past Simple, или Future Simple


Ответы и объяснения


1 my friend goes to the library every Wednesday

2 he didn't go to the country yesterday.

3 Why did you go to the shop yesterday?

4 We will grow tomatoes next summer

5 What are you doing now?

6 he is sleeping now

7 where did your father work last year?

8 Will she go to the south next summer?

9 he didn't watch tv yesterday

10 yesterday we wrote a paper

11 i bought a very good book last Tuesday

12 granny went shopping but didn't buy many things yesterday

13 what will you buy in the supermarket tomorrow?

14 father is working

15 we went on a tramp...

16 Will your brother go to

17 granny  isn't cooking 

18 we cooked

19 my sister washes

20 when will you go to school?

21 What will you prepare 

22 Wiil you invite

23 How did you help

24 i will send

25 i meet

26 is listening, that is strange, listens



1)   goes

2)   didn't go

3)   did you go

4)   will (shall) grow

5)   are you doing

6)   is sleeping

7)   did your father work

8)   will she go

9)   didn't watch

10)  wrote

11)  bought

12)  went, but didn't buy

13)  will you buy

14)  is working

15)  went

16)  will your brother go to 

17)  isn't cooking 

18)  cooked

19)  washes

20)  do you go (did you go; will you go)

21)  will you prepare 

22)  will you invite

23)  did you help

24)  will (shall) send

25)  meet

26)  is listening, is, listens