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Underline the correct word or phrase in the following.

1 He denied telling/to tell lies. 2 He denied/refused that he had told lies. 3 They suggested to postpone /postponing the match to the following week. 4 The weather delayed that they arrived/their arrival. 5 I can't bear to see/see children suffer. 6 We really can't afford buying/to buy a new washing machine. 7 I look for-ward to seeing/to see you at the party. 8 Before going/to go to the interview, I bought a new tie. 9 I'd rather stay / to stay at home tonight, if that's all right. 10 saw someone to climb/climbing through the window.

Write the correct form of the verbs given in brackets. Sometimes more than one answer may be possible.

Einstein: an ordinary child Einstein was not a remarkable child. He began (1 take) piano lessons at the age of six. He didn't seem (2 be) particularly talented. He liked (3 day-dream) and (4 play) …..He didn't enjoy (5 talk) : very much; in fact, he waited till he was three before (6 start) : to talk. In spite of not (7 have) a very exciting childhood, Einstein later appeared (8 have) a vivid memory of it. He remembered (9 be) impressed by how a compass works and by the mysterious force which made the compass needle (10 point) in a given direction.

Complete the second sentence so that it is as similar in meaning as possible to the first sentence, using the word given. Do not change this word.

1 I'm sorry but we have decided not to accept your application. regret I __________________________________ we have decided to reject your application. 2 Funnily enough I'd prefer a pizza for a change. rather Funnily enough_______________________________________ 3 We were not allowed to drink too much coke when we were children. let Our parents____________________________________________ 4 I think it would be a good idea to take the suggest train. suggest I ___________________________________ 5 She succeeded in persuading her parents to let her go. managed She _____________________________ 6 It looks as if this door’s locked after all. appears This __________________________________________ 7 One of the things I hate is people eating popcorn in the cinema. stand One of the things I __________________________________ 8 The singer arrived two hours late but I'm glad I waited for him. worth The singer ________________________________________ 9 Jack said he had to catch the early flight. insisted Jack __________________________________ 10 I can’t wait to get your next letter. Forward I __________________________________


Ответы и объяснения

1 telling
2 denied
3 postponing
4 their arrival
5 to see
6 buying
7 to seeing
8 before going
9 stay
10 someone climbing

1 taking
2 to be
3 day-dreaming/to day- dream
4 playing/to play
5 talking
6 starting
7 not having
8 to have
9 being
10 point

1 I regret to inform you that we have decided...
2 funnily enough i'd rather eat pizza...
3 our parents didn't let us drink too...
4 I suggest taking a train
5 she managed to persuade her parents...
6 this door appears to be locked...
7 one of the things I can't stand is...
8 the singer worth waiting
9 jack insisted on catching the....
10 I'm looking forward to getting...