too,much,many,enough.....составьте по 8 предложений на каждый...в любом времени и употреблении)


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1)I am going in the Moscow too.
Du you want to work with us too?
We drove the car too in yesterday.
I very enjoy for you too.
Are you swimming too?
She can go at the school too.
You must bring Helen with your brother too.
I want kiss you too.
2)I love my sister very much.
I want that toy so much.
Andy much smarter Ann.
You much beautiful Kate, for me.
I think you miss with sister very much.
I don't know why you stupid so much.
She apologizes for her words much.
I want pass the exams very much.
3)I had many dolls.
Do you have many money?
She knows that her father have many workers.
Dave will has many houses.
I think he has many friends.
Why are many peoples at the shop?
He doesn't know why that pan.
I will tell you many stories .
4)Ann has enough knowledge for exams.
I have enough money for university .
Dave has enough music's for you new album .
Paper doesn't have enough feelings for relations.
I am not have enough foods for receiving.
Dany don't have enough gasoline in your car.
In the city not have enough trees.
I don't have enough money in the phone .