раскрыть скобки и поставить глагол в нужном времени.

A 1)If you want to contact me,________ at the Rochester Hotel until Saturday.(I/to stay)

2)Don't make so much noise ,you ______ ______ everybody .(to wake up)

3)I don't know how to use this camera.- it's quite easy. _______

you.(I,to show)

4)It's raining. Don't go out. You ______ wet.(to get)

5) I can't meet you after Lunch. My cousin _______ ______ in the afternoon. (to arrive)

6)I need some money . - All right, I _______ you can come.(to have)

8)Where ______ ?(you / to hurry) - To the railway station. The train ______ at 7:15 and it is already 6:40.(to leave)

9)At first we _____ by train but then we decided to go by planet instead. (to travel)

10)Have you really won some money? What _______ with it? (you / to do)

B Are you busy this week Frankie? - Rather. I ______ until Thursday because I've got an exam on Thursday morning. Bat usually that _______ until midday and then I'm free.(to revise; to last)

C How soon _______ to leave? (1-you / to be ready) - oh, I can't go out until ____. (2-to stop raning). I haven't got an umbrella. - o.K I don't think _______ for long. (3-to go on) - I ______ my desk while we ______.(4-to tidy; to wait)


Ответы и объяснения


A. 1) I will stay

     2) can wake up

     3) I will show you

     4) You can get

     5) is going to arrive

     6) I have

     8) are you hurrying (to) ? leaves

     9) travelled

    10) are you going to do( will you do)

B. 1) am revising

     2) lasts

C. 1) are you ready

      2) it stops raining

      3) of going on

      4) was tidying/ we were waiting