Помогите пожалусто с переводом, нужно на завтра! я написала текст, описания картины климта "поцелуй" и перевела по предложению в яндексе. проверте пожалусто, если надо могу прислать русский вариант.


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My favourite picture


I am not very fond of arts but there are some masterpieces that I admire and that I would like to see with my own eyes. I’d like to tell you about the  picture that I like best of all. It makes me feel happy, calm and sensitive. When I look at it my problems seem me too small, and I forget about them. This is a painting of Austrian painter Gustav Klimt "The Kiss". It was painted between 1907 and 1908 in Vienna. This period was called Golden because the artist painted (не нужен неопределенный артикль) series of canvases by using gold leaf. It has a square shape, 180x180 cm, oil paints.

Everyone sees the picture of something: someone sees passion, someone - tenderness, from which the heart aches and someone will see coercion, when one kisses, and the other only substitutes cheek for a kiss.

Beautiful couple in Golden clothing, woman stands on her knees, there is a man near her, hugging her, he is big and strong. A carpet of grass and flowers and around them and the golden aura envelops them in their love. She closed her eyes and puts her arms around his neck, and his hands tightened around her face, she fills him with her tenderness. He leaned towards her with a kiss and there is nothing and nobody around them. Earth, movement, time stopped, everything froze as in amber of eternity. The Kiss…


This is the story of the painting:
One day, one Earl, ordered Klimt the painting for his sweetheart. Artist received the medallion with a beautiful girl. Earl wanted that the girl was depicted in the picture in a passionate kiss. Klimt fulfilled the order, the count was satisfied, but he asked the artist a question.

Why in the painting their lip aren't merged in a kiss? Klimt replied that he tried to portray the desire and their mood. The Earl took his answer.  The girl liked the picture so much that she immediately gave her consent to the marriage with the Earl.

Later Klimt revealed the secret of his picture "The Kiss": when the artist was painting his picture, he fell in love with the girl in medallion and therefore depicted waiting for a kiss instead of the kiss. It was his little revenge of the count of feelings of jealousy.