Рассказать про любой вид музыки.На экзамен speaking.ПОМОГИТЕ!!Все ГОТОВО КРОМЕ ЭТОЙ МУЗЫКИ НЕ ЗНАЮ ПРО ЧТО ПИСАТЬ!


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I am really keen on Muse.

Muse is the British rock group. I like to listen to rock,but choosing from the whole rock world I prefer soft rock nowadays. I know a lot of old and modern songs and artists. But inspite of that I heard of Muse just  two years, although they have existed for about 16 years. This group is from England, Devoshire.

For the first time I heard their song called Supermassive Black Hole that was used as an original soundtrack of Twilight, part 1.
Muse are actually a representative of British alternative rock, but I like them now anyway even if I don't like loudy rock. Though I really adore their unique talent. They are awarders and nominants of Grammie, MTV Awards an the like.
Long live the Muse!