нужно заменить существительные с предлогом of существительными в притяжательном падеже:

1) the title of the book 2) the toys of my children 3) the hobby of my wife 4) the handbags of these women 5) the life of animals 6) the voice of this girl 7) the letter of Peter 8) the questions of my child 9) the newspaper of last Saturday 10) the photo of her boyfriend 11) the economy of the country.


Ответы и объяснения


1. The book's title
2. My children's toys

3. My wife's hobby
4. These women's handbags
5. The animal's life
6. This girl's voice
7. Peter's letter
8. My child's questions
9. Last Saturday's newsparer
10. Her boyfriend's photo
11. The country's economy

Лучший Ответ!

1. Tthe title of the book( поскольку книга неодушевлёёный предмет)

2 My children's toys

3 My wife's hobby

4 These women's handbags

5The animals' life

6this girl's voice

7 Peter's letter

8My child's questions

9Last Saturday's newspaper

10her boyfriend's photo

11 the country's economy