Подробное описание любого вокзала, в любой стране, в любом городе на английском языке. В том числе и с магазинами всякими которые там есть и т.д. Помогите очень срочно!


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Kiev Pas - the main passenger railway station in Kiev. Refers to the South-Western Railway, in operation since 1860. It consists of the old Central, Southern and new commuter rail stations. In the immediate vicinity of the Suburban Station Metro Station "Train station". Bookmark the central building took place in 1927 on the site of the old station, built in the shape of the English Gothic style in 1868-70 years. The first phase was commissioned in 1932 during the Second World War, the train station was partially destroyed, and after the war - is restored. In 1954-55. pedestrian tunnels were built from Railroad Square to platforms in 1967-69. erected a canopy over the first platform, and two initial transition to the second floor replaced a large waiting room with exits on the platform. Station was calculated on 72 pairs of trains and 40,000 passengers per day. The bulk has a total symmetrical composition, the center of which - the lobby area of the departure of more than 1200 square meters. m and a height of 32 m in 2001 was made general reconstruction of the station, which resulted in a renewed facade of the central building, and the lobby was much more spacious. Its walls are finished with granite and marble of different colors, as laid out under the arches of panels with views of historic monuments of the capital. We have established a large central entrance escalator that takes passengers to the second floor. It was also erected a spacious seven-story South Station, which is considered one of the most beautiful railroad terminals in Eastern Europe.