нужно оставьте вопросы к следующим предложениям.

1. This park is fine. 2. These little boys are very noisy. 3. Her dress

is grey. 4. They often sit in the garden. 5. She has a new hat. 6.Tom likes

this girl. 7. They eat three times a day.

и сделать предложения отрицательными:

1. He is a nurse at a hospital. 2. My friend and I often go to the

cinema together. 3. We have many books in our library. 4. She has

much time to spend in the country. 5. Ann plays the piano every day. 6.

He knows German and French.


Ответы и объяснения


1)IS this park fine?2)what are these little boys?3)What colour is her dress?4)Are they sit in the garden?5)Is she has a flat?6)Who likes this girl?7)How often they eat ?


1)He is not a nurse at a hospital.2)My friend and I do not go to the cinema together often.3)we have not many books in our library.4)She has much time to spend in the country.5)Ann does not play the piano every day.6)He does not know German and French.