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также любимая газета


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Newspapers and magazines keep us well-informed. I read news­papers and magazines regularly. I like to read local newspapers and magazines for teenagers. My favourite newspaper is «Fakty» and the magazine I like best is «Cool». These publications are cheap editions.

«Fakty» is a weekly newspaper. It contains twenty pages. My family subscribes to it. We can also buy it at the newsagent's. The newspaper covers the most important international and domestic issues. News items receive full coverage on its pages. It also has a supplement with a TV guide and a lot of commercials. I prefer reading «Cool» because it publishes interesting articles that deal with the problems of teenagers. From the magazine articles I can get useful advice about how to cope with problems in difficult situations.

The information I get from the press helps me to understand the present-day world and know the life of the country. I find it interesting and useful to read about the life of young people in the country. I am interested in sport events and cultural issues too.