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Answer the questions in the Past Simple Passive according to the pattern.

► Pattern: Did they take care of him?

— Yes, he was taken care of.

1. Did they agree upon the terms?

2. Did the students listen to her with interest?

3. Did you send for the doctor?

4. Did they object to your proposal?

5. Did she rely on his information?

6. Did they wait for him?

7. Did he refer to this book in his report?

8. Did they dispose of the goods in short time?

9. Did the guests really laugh at him?

10. Did everyone find fault with her?

11. Did they put an end to this useless talk?

12. Did the public speak of that film a lot?

13. Did they really depend on this man?

14. Did you speak about this plan last night?

15. Did he insist upon this time?

16. Did they look into this matter?

17. Did the children interfere with his studies?

18. Did they make fun of him when he was a schoolboy?

19. Did the press comment upon that event?

20. Did many people ask for this book?


Ответы и объяснения


1. Yes, they were agreed.

2. Yes< they were listened to.

3. Yes, I was sent for.

4. Yes, they were objected to.

5. Yes, she was relied on.

6. Yes, they were waited for.

7. Yes, he was refered to.

8. Yes, they were desposed of.

9. Yes, they were laughed at.

10. Yes, everyone was found.

11. Yes, they were put an end to.

12. Yes, the public was spoken.

13. Yes, they were depended on.

14. Yes, I was spoken.

15. Yes, he was insisted.

16. Yes, they looked.

17. Yes, they were interfered.

18. Yes, they were made fun.

19. Yes, the press was commented.

20. Yes, many people were asked for.