1. What's the matter? Why he (to stop)? 2. My cousin (to look) for a job, but he (not to find) a job yet. 3. It (to be) impossible for her to feel at home here. 4. What you (to study) now? 5. They just (to give) you a pay rise. 6. Sophie is busy. She (to knit) a sweater for her grandson. 7. You only (to have) a piece of cake? You (not to eat) much. 8. People (to plant) carrots and tomatoes now. 9. You (to go) to plant tomatoes this year? 10. Johnny, who finally (to find) a new job, (to give) a big party. 11. How long you (to be) sick? 12. You (to see) any good movies recently? 13. What you (to look) forward to? 14. Nancy (to look) forward to this weekend. 15. She (to go) to read Shakespeare and she (not to go) to
think about work. 16. Mike (to leave) for work yet?
17. They (to pay) their electric bill this month?
18. How long you (to know) each other? 19. Your car (to make) strange noises. Is anything wrong? 20. The boy (to do) his homework and (to take) a karate lesson now. 21. I (to have) dinner with my friends at the moment and I am very happy to see them again. 22. Jay never (to travel) overseas. 23. We always (to have) a dog and a cat. We love pets. 24. Larry never (to own) a sports car.


Ответы и объяснения

  • zorbing
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1. has he stopped

2. is looking; hasn't found

3. is

4. are you studying

5. They have just given...

6. is knitting

7. Have you had; don't eat

8. are planting

9. Are you going

10. has foung, is giving (is going to give)

11. have you been

12. Have you seen

13. are you looking

14. is looking forward

15. is going; is not going

16. Has Mike left

17. Have they paid

18. have you known

19. is making/makes

20. has done; is taking

21. am having

22. has never travelled

23. have always had

24. has never owned