you... do it now.

1)need 2)must 3)may 4)can

there is...light in the room because the window is too small.

i haven/t got...time,i/ll help you.

there were ...people in the street because it was dangerous.

did you in Spain

1)few 2)litlle 3)many 4)much

соотнесите первую часть предложения со второй

we inform you

Mr.Green said

i heard from me friend

i bought a newspaper

1)that was sold in the nearest shop

2)that we accepted your proposat

3)that he was glad to meet me.

4)that you need good specialists


Ответы и объяснения


you must do it

few light

few people

many photos

we inform you 2

mr green said 3

my friend 4

newspaper 1