Составить ситуацию в present simple , используя there is, there are в каждом. 10 предложений , нужен как бы топик , чтобы Эти предложения имели между ссобой связь


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Тема-my room
Me room is big and full of light.there is a white bed near the wall.my table stands in front of the wide window.there are a lot of things on it.there are my computer,books,pens and photo album.there is a wonderful picture on the wall.there is a big cupboard on the opposite side.there are my clothes and bedclothes.there is a violet carpet on the floor.there is a TV in the corner of my room

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A town or my dream is a perfect place for living.

There are a lot of trees and flowers.

There are a lot of bright and pretty buildings.

There are a lot of kind people.

There is  peace and quiet in every house.

There are excellent roads and  cheap stores.

Therea are  many beautiful parks and playgrounds for kids.

There are also  several entertainment centers .

There are  no homeless animals there.

There are a lot of happy people.

There is no violence and war.