1.Вставьте глагол : I'm very tired because (run) for 2 hours.

2.Употребите предлог : In summer? when I don't go to ... school and live ... the country? I like to go ... bed late.

3.Вставьте глагол в Past Perfect : The neighbours ...(got) home because the mother (cook) already a meal.

4.Вставьте глагол в Continuous : What he (do) at the moment ? He (fix) his bicycle. 5.Вставьте little, few : There is to ... soup in my plate. Give me some more, please. 6.Вставьте Third conditional : The government is expecting to win the next election, but if it (lose) , the Prime Minister (reseign) from politics.

7.Вставьте Second Conditional : She (eat) so much ice-cream. She (have) a sore throut.

8.Вставьте Present, Present Continuous : His father (not watch TV) at the moment. He (sleep) because he (to be tired).

9.Вставьте глагол : Your family (leave) Moscow in summer? - Yes, we always (go) to the seaside. We all (like) the sea. Mother (stay) with us to the end of August, but father (return) much earlier.

10.Вставьте предлог : He was taken to the hospital ... an ambulance.


Ответы и объяснения

1....because was running for 2 hours
2....I dont go to school...and live in the country
I like to go to bed late
4.what he is doing...
He is fixing ...
5.there is little soup
9.your family leaves moscow... Yes,we always go to the seaside. We all like the sea.
Mother stays with us to the end of august,but father returns much earlier