Помогите!! Надо написать сочинение на английском про "Disaster")

За ранее спасибо))

У меня только первое предложение "I thinking that people don't know what disaster is awaitsing their at every step" -, а дальше в голову больше ничего не идёт!!


Ответы и объяснения


Могу про молнии написать, только недавно сама готовила на эту тему)
for example lightning - is a grafting natural hazard that can catch you at any moment. Everybody heard about it, but what exactly is it? Lightning is a form of atmospheric electricity. When cloud mass rises to a stratosphere, it flattens in it's top. Water droplets and ice particles condence and fall, and friction between them create static electricity, that build up a charge. So, lightning occurs, when the voltage in this charge resistance surrouding air. 

Lightning is an exiting and even  beautiful natural phenomenon with many different forms, shapes and colours. 

But lightning can cause serious damage to buildings and landscape, as well as starting a fire especially forest fire. It is possible for people and animals to get hit by lightning as well.

 It is important to know the warning signs and lighting to take precautions during thunder storms.

 If you see strong winds, rain and dark clouds, you have the potential for cloud-to-ground lightning.

Open fields, isolated trees, fences, convertible cars and so on -  all of it attracts lightning. If the time delay between hearing the thunder and see the lightning is less than 30 seconds, you're in danger and need to enter a large, securing building as soon as you can. You must avoid water and phone during thunder storm.