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1. Moscow was founded in 1147.

2. Moscow became the capitak in 1918.

3. Yes, in 1917 the capital was moved to St. Petersbug. Moscow became the capital again in 1918.

4. The total area of modern Moscow is 2511 км².

5. The populations in Moscow are 11 979 529.

6. Kremlin, St. Basil's Cathedral are interest places in the centre of Moscow.

7. St. Basil's Cathedral - orthodox church, located on the Red Square.

8. The territory of the Kremlin is 0,277 км². (27,7 га)

9.Kolomenskoye, the Darwin Museum, Tsaritsyno are most famous Moscow museums.

10. I know the Moscow Children's Theater stage, Moscow New Drama Theatre and so on.

11. Yes, I was in Moscow.

12. My favorite place in Moscow is Red Square.