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All English universities except Oxford and Cambridge are fairly new. London University is the biggest of the modern English universities and has many colleges and schools.

A university usually has both faculties and departments. The faculties are arts, law, medicine, science and theology. The departments include engineering, economics, commerce, agriculture, music and technology.

At the head of each faculty there is a professor. A staff of teachers called lecturers help him. Professors and lecturers give lectures to large numbers of students or study with small groups, and here the students have a chance to discuss.

All universities admit men and women, but within some universities there are colleges specially for one sex. Most of the universities provide hostels for their students. There are many types of colleges in England. There are colleges within universities. There are teachers’ training colleges. There are also technical colleges of various types, colleges of arts and commerce. Colleges give a specialized training.

Those who wish to become teachers spend three years at a teachers’ training college. They study various subjects and learn how to teach, they have practice lessons at schools.


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1) What  is the biggest of the modern English universities?


2) Who is at the head of each faculty? Who does help him?


3) Are there colleges specially for one sex?


4) Do  universities provide hostels for their students?


5) Which  types of colleges in England do you know?


6) What do you need to become a teacher in England?