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Native language is the main treasure of every nation.
Because you have feelings for your nation's own native language. As you have a feeling about your nation that, this is your nation you feel to be proud to say yes this is MY nation.
Same feeling works with the native language you feel proud to say yes this is MY language and it connects you with the rest of the people, their wisdom, their history.
So the Native and the Native language is like the main treasure of every nation.


Language is the heart, the soul of  a nation.

For me, my native language is the most precious treasure, because my language is a part of me, it helps to live and to keep our customs.

Language is the greatest thing ever invented, it is the best way of communication, through it people can express their feelings, emotions, thoughts and views, we can understand each other.I cannot image a nation without its mother tongue, because it represents the national identify of a country, it reflects soul, behaviour and temperament of each nationality.

We must keep our native language alive and cherish it, because language is the road map of a culture, it tells you where its people come from and where they are going.